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Welcome to Nick Inc

Nick, Inc. (Nickscribe) is a Salisbury, MD-based company that specializes in providing physicians, medical professionals and law firms with transcription, editing and language translation services.   Nick, Inc. operates an innovative digital system that is available 24 hours a day and brings accurate reports within 24 hours of each project.

NEW!! - Language Translation Services

Nick, Inc. is now providing language translation services.   If you are a lawyer or law firm requiring language translation for documents, translation for aspects of a business dispute, from any language to English or vice versa, Nick, Inc. can help you.   If you a doctor or medical professional and you have documents, both in print and digitally, that need to be translated, Nick, Inc. can help you too.

We provide multilingual translation, editing and proofreading for all types of documents, whether in print-form, audio records, video records or digital artifacts (web pages and XML data).   Bring us onto your team for a small project, on a contract basis or partner with us through a retainer agreement.   Call us (410)251-6773 to find out more about our language translation services.

Doctors and Medical Professionals

Nick, Inc. offers transcription for most aspects of medical communication from everyday SOAP and diagnostic procedures notes to letters, medical histories, physicals, and insurance related correspondence including IME's and peer reviews. STAT dictation is offered with a 9 hour turnaround time.

Nick, Inc. has recently extended their services to include document scanning. Specializing in conversions of hard copy paper documents into easily stored and accessed digital images, the company focuses on identifying the most cost effective way for its customers to operate in a "paperless" environment.

Need properly transcribed reports? Why pay the higher prices of a full-time employee or make the lengthy time commitment to train a computer to recognize your voice? Don't have the large initial investment cost to buy the technology needed? Cut through the red tape and call Nick, Inc. today

Lawyers, Law Firms & Paralegals

Nick, Inc. also provides transcription and editing services for lawyers and law firms.   Lawyers, paralegals, legal documents - we can manage all of your legal transcription services.   Why get back-logged with legal documents when you can let Nickscribe manage some of the work for you?   Let us manage projects that you cannot get to, or projects that have a tight time-line.   Bring us in on a contract basis.   Call us (410)251-6773 to find out how we can work with you!

Academia and Universities

Nick, Inc. also provides transcription and editing services for universities, professors and research organizations.   Nick, Inc. can re-write notes and meeting minutes, edit papers and artifacts for grammar, clarification and topic-relevancy.   Call us (410)251-6773 to find out how we can optimize your editing, transcription and proofreading processes!

Top Reasons Why You Should Go With Us

Transcription Services at its Best.

  • 24-hr Turnaround time
  • HIPAA Compliant.
  • Toll Free Telephone Dictation
  • Digital recorder option available
  • No Installation required and easy to Use
  • Unlimited Support
  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • Remote Storage and Backup
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    By outsourcing your document to Nick, Inc. you will be able to track, retrieve, search, view, backup, and email your business documents at the touch of a few keystrokes.

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